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Eds Clubs

Lunch and Learns are now Cloud & Learns

I will do a demonstration on

How to Social Distance while presenting a CMA

In someone's home during COVID-19

"This session should only be about 20 - 25 minutes"

What you need:

  1. A Laptop computer

  2. An iPad

  3. A wire from iPad to Laptop

  4. Quicktime software. Comes with your Mac computer and available FREE for Windows

  5. Kitchen or Dining Room table with 2 meters distance between you and client(s)

What you don't need

  1. Internet connection

  2. Paper. Unless you want to leave a CMA

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Get used to it as it's the future of Real Estate. You will see this more and more as time goes by.  Even the Real Estate Council of Ontario courses are all Cloud Based.  Covid-19 has forced all office meetings cancelled.  All learning is now online. Even the Toronto Region Real Estate Board is now having to do everything online.  As I said ... "Get Used To It".  Do not go back to your offices when this Pandemic is over.  Everything you will ever need is online.  The last office I worked for I went in 3 times in one year to get returned mail yet ... part of my commission was paying for that useless office.

My way of saying "Thank You" to the Real Estate Industry as 2020 is my 40th year & this is the best way I can think of to give back to the industry that has been so rewarding for me.

Not just financially as I don't need to work anymore but ... because I love doing what I do and I love to teach so this just makes doing these courses a reward for me and I hope it is the same for you.

Also, it will get me off the golf course as I spend 4 months a year at our condo in Florida.  I can see that 2020 / 2021 might not be 4 months considering the pandemic.

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