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iPad For Realtors®
Being Paperless with an iPad

Ed has trained over 8,000 Agents from Halifax to Winnipeg on being extremely organized with their real estate business and being  paperless with an iPad.  That incudes 290 Classes for Real Estate Boards and Brokerages and was 4 Credits at Ontario Boards towards RECO continuing education requirements.

The training is still available. If you own one of those magnificent iPads and are not using it to it's fullest then this is the course for you.  If you have taken the course before you might enjoy a refresher and updates with PDF Expert.

This 1 hour course will end with about 10 minutes about eXp Realty.  Not a sales pitch but just info about the company, compensation and what is a cloud based brokerage and how it works for agents.   

The cost is FREE.  If you register PLEASE  show up.

More details and references below:

My Promise To You

Registration for  iPad Demo

*INCREDIBLE* demand for more iPad Paperless Training.  Even if you have taken the class before you can register again. In fact you can register for both dates below if you want as it will be done by Zoom

No demonstrations for a while.  As long as you are registered i will let you know when I am doing morel

Thanks for registering I will send you a Zoom link before the meeting


Unsolicited Referrals from some great agents I have trained to be paperless

Hi Ed,
Attending your Hands On Course Ipad for Realtors was just what I needed to pull all the pieces together. I just completed a complex power of sale listing, sorted and filled everything in using my Ipad. I am now ready to go completely paperless. All thanks to you, your courses and your book. I could never have done any of this without all your guidance.

Thanks Ed.


Hi Ed,
Both the Intro and Hands on courses were very helpful and interesting to take part in.
I believe that I have pretty much everything set up to be paperless and I'm ready to walk in to my next appt. with only the iPad, although I'll probably have a paperwork backup in the car.  By the way, I understand that your Intro course in the Hamilton Board office in about 5-6 weeks is SOLD OUT.
Thanks for all the info and help in getting set up.

Regards   Graham

Hi Ed:
I have been working tonight on my iPad and am pleased with my progress. I have successfully loaded most of your forms to the My Forms folder we set up this morning. I have also set up a Folder for a Buyer I am working with -- scanned their Fintrac Forms and Buyer Agency Agreement and made some notes on the property I have shown them.

There is still much for me to learn but I am packing it in for the night and will try to find some time tomorrow to play around with it again. I enjoyed the class today and thank you for sharing.

Ed, Hope you remember me. I am sitting in my car outside of a house that I just presented an offer at. One of my clients is at home with kids and the other is in downtown toronto. Because of your class I was able to have the right tools to revise an offer send it through Docusign to get the changes initialled and email back to the agent in just a few mins! This is awesome! 

Thank you 

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